Seal Their Fate

$14.99 to send by U.S. Mail, shipping included

$4.99 to E-mail this to your "frenemy"

Is someone getting on your nerves?  Is your boss an idiot? A nosy neighbor?  
Maybe a relative who ruins the holidays for you every year?  

Give them the "gift" that tells them exactly where to go!  Straight to HELL!  
And the best part, it can have your name on it or it can be strictly ANONYMOUS. 

Imagine the day the certificate you order shows up in your office, addressed to your boss.  it arrives in our unique tube, looking like a diploma. But it's not a diploma. It's a reserved spot in HELL.   And he or she has no idea who thinks so little of them.  Now that's a fun day at the office!

When you purchase with SealTheirFate you will receive an individualized certificate mailed out in a specialized tube designed to draw attention to itself.

‚ÄčNo mistaking our "gifts" for ordinary mail. Our mail will reach its destination. Let us provide you the satisfaction you desire!